Finally a Comfortable Two Person Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

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Looking for a hammock to use for camping with your honey?

Take a look at this.

The Clark Vertex 2-Person Double hammock has you covered.

Built in mosquito net, suspension and all. But the rain fly is sold seperatley.

Quick Glance

Color Weight Limit Weight Includes Price
Green 700lbs or 250 lbs per person 5lbs 1oz Hammock, Bug Net, & Suspension Check Price on

A Closer Look

Part of the downside to switching to sleeping in a hammock is that it’s difficult to sleep with a partner even in a double hammock.

But giving up sleeping in a hammock to go back to sleeping on the ground in a tent is hard. I can’t do it, and you don’t want to.

The Clark Vertex Two Person Hammock is what you’re looking for.

No more bunk bed style hammocks with your partner or squishing into the same small one person hammock.

Just check out the video below to see how two people can comfortably sleep in this hammock.


No need to worry about waking up your partner. It has an independent suspension system for each side of the hammock.

The weight limit is 700lbs and each side supports a person up to 250lbs and 75 inches tall (6’3” or 1.91 meters).

Now I know what you’re thinking.

This sounds great and all but how heavy is this? Me and the partner want to go hiking with this.

Well no need to worry, it’s 5lbs 1oz and you can split up that weight between two hikers.

There are plenty of rave reviews on this hammock as the demand for a comfortable two person hammock is high, and this fulfills that.

Not All No-See-Um bug nets are created equal as they say on their website. Clark Outdoors points out that most companies use netting that has 500-700 holes per square inch of netting.

But Clark Outdoors does better, much better. With 1200 holes per square inch.

This means that the holes are so much smaller making it that much harder for pests to get in and bug you.

Head space in these hammocks are not a problem. They are built with poles that suspend the mosquito net and cover far above your head when you’re laying down giving you plenty of space to breathe.

They also have various storage options built into the hammock.

The pockets are underneath so they serve two purposes. One is storage, and the other is to help keep you warm (similar to an underquilt).

Clark Outdoors

The company behind this genius of a hammock has been innovating in the camping hammock space for a while now.

In addition to this hammock that comfortably sleeps two they have several four season hammocks which are perfect for the rough winter weather.

There’s also the Mark2 Hammock Tent that can function as both a hammock suspended between two trees and as a tent on the ground.

Some other options do exist from Clark Outdoors for multiple person hammocks but the Vertex is by far the best and most popular option.