Why You Need to Try Camping in a Hammock

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We all know it. Hammock camping is a thing now.

But why should you give a damn?

And why should you try it?

I felt the same way at first.

Thinking to myself who are these strange people hanging from trees, playgrounds and fence posts.

But then I gave it a try and I’ve never looked back.

But back to you.

You’re going to want to try hammock camping because of these 4 reasons.

1. You’ll sleep like a baby in your mothers arms.

Soon you’ll no longer be sleeping on the cold hard ground. Just laying there. Trying to fall asleep tossing and turning.

Instead you’ll have the gentle swaying motion rocking you to sleep in your brand new hammock.

The wind singing lullabies in your ear.

Just like when you were a baby in your mothers arms.

2. Being one with the wilderness.

You’re more out in the open in a hammock.

No more stuffy tent air.

Worried about your tent mate farting in the middle of the night?

Yeah I was too.

But now just breathe in that fresh air that breezes right into your hammock.

And waking up in the mornings to see the sun rise without even leaving your hammock.

But but but what about the weather? What if it rains?

No fear now. Just bring along a tarp and string that up over your hammock.

Leave some space for fresh air to get in though.

And the bugs?

There’s a bug net for that. String your hammock up inside it and you’re good to go. No bugs will bother you.

3. Year round comfort. Yes even in the freezing winter weather.

Of course you can use them in the summer but what fun is that?

Everyone else is camping too and you want the woods to yourself.

So get yourself a heavy under quilt in addition to the top quilt or sleeping bag you already have from your tent camping days and you’re good to go.

Hold on don’t forget the warm pajamas, mittens, socks and beanie though. These are vital ingredients.

Now you’re all set to take on the winter weather in comfort.

But but but I want the warm weather and the company you say.

Well hammocks will prevent the hot humid air from getting you all sweaty because the wind can freely blow by you cooling you down.

4. Waking up to the most beautiful views.

Just think about it.

No longer do you have to hunt for flat ground.

Or even ground.

Instead you can sleep on the side of mountains.

Or at a beach between two palm trees.

No more worrying about finding high ground so water doesn’t pool around your hammock.

Clearing the ground of rocks and sticks in fear of them damaging your tent will be a thing of the past.

So to recap the reasons you have to try hammock camping are:

  1. You’ll be rocked to sleep just like when you were in your mothers arms as a baby.
  2. You’re out in the open more in a hammock.
  3. Year round comfort even in the winter or the sticky heat.
  4. The ability to camp anywhere you can find two vertical posts.