Best Camping Hammock, and Reliable Gear You'll Absolutely Love

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Are you one of those people that think that hammocks are such a goner? Well, think again! Yes, it is a bit of a lost art, but hammocks are and always have been the best way to enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long day trekking along the most adventurous trails in the world. As long as you have trees around the campsite, you have nothing to worry about especially if you like to keep your feet and body off the ground for a few hours every day. If you are still sitting on the fence unable to decide which gear to choose between a tent and a hammock, all you need to do is think outside the box for a little, except this time you would be thinking outside the tent so to speak.

If you are like most people, you will instantly thin of a tent when you hear the word camping. Yes, it is the universal symbol for camping, but a tent may not stand a chance against a hammock in terms of comfort and versatility. You really haven’t enjoyed a night out in the woods until you have slept in one of these things. Ok, ok, depending on your normal sleeping postures it might be a few nights before you can adjust really start to enjoy the full benefits of a hammock. But sure, it could as well be love at first one night stand for you too just like for thousands of camping enthusiasts from around the globe.

Types of hammocks you can choose from

First of all, you should know that hammocks are way more than just an alternative for tents during a camping trip. They are a blessing for anyone anywhere who loves to catch a great nap outside by day or by night. You can as well have one in your backyard. So while choosing a hammock for camping, it is important to make sure you are choosing the right type. It is true then that not all hammocks are created equal. There are many styles, fabrics, as well as design and construction all of which affect the ease of setup, the way you interact with your hammock and your overall comfort and safety while sleeping in it. Below are some common types of hammocks you should know about.

  1. The Brazilian hammock
  2. The Nicaraguan hammock
  3. The Mayan hammock
  4. The Venezuelan hammock
  5. The Spreader bar hammock
  6. The travel hammock
  7. The hammock chair

Tip: you are interested in the travel hammock if camping is what you need a hammock for.

First, some hammocks come with a spreader bar and those that do not. The bar serves to flatten the surface and is only ideal for use by the poolside or someplace else where you are not actually spending the night. This kind is associated with most of the hammock woes like suddenly flipping over and falling if you make a wrong turn in your sleep. These are not camping hammock and should not come with on your camping trip. What you want is the kind that does not have this bar because it gives you one cozy hug until dawn. You certainly want to sacrifice the flat smooth appearance for the comfort and lower risk of falling and screaming in horror in the night.

Second, there are rope hammocks and fabric hammocks. These two are made for different climates. If it is really chilly out there, the fabric hammock is your best choice of a camping hammock while for warmer climates you might want to go with the rope hammock. The rope hammocks roasted in the past for their unique ability to print crisscross patterns on your body when by the time you wake. If this makes you uncomfortable like with most people, you should probably choose a lighter fabric but still go with fabrics even with warmer climates.

Why you will absolutely love hammocks

What is not so lovable about using hammocks?

Picking The Best Hammock for You

You can get it wrong when buying a hammock just as with tents or basically anything that adds value to your life. As earlier stated, there are many types and uses of hammocks, and the question you should have at the back of your mind should be how you intend to use the hammock. Below ae some factor to consider when choosing the best hammock for camping.

Finally, while you take out your new camping hammock and gear for a test drive, you should remember that as always, safety first. Ensure you pick your spot wisely choosing only trees that are strong enough to bear you weigh and ground that is not hazardous. So just because you have one of these cool hammocks doesn’t warrant you setting up camp on a cliff. Camping among trees is dangerous, and you should set up camp under the supervision of adults with experience in camping using hammocks.

Hammocks for Camping Compared

Picture Hammock Packed Weight Size Packed Size Storage Max Weight Special Features Price
Hennessy Explorer Ultralight Asym Zip 36 oz / 1020 g 11’ x 4’11” 8” x 10” Detached Stuff Sack 250 lbs / 113 kg Attached mosquito net and detachable rain fly $$$$$
ENO Doublenest 19 oz / 539 g 9’4” x 6’2” 4” x 5” Attached Stuff Sack 400 lbs / 181 kg None $$
Hammock Bliss Double 22oz / 624g 9’10” x 6’8” 5” x 7.5” Attached Stuff Sack 350lbs / 159kg None $$
Grand Trunk Single 16oz / 454g 10’6” x 5’ 4” x 7” Attached Stuff Sack 400lbs / 181kg None $$
Grand Trunk Double 20oz / 567g 10’6” x 6’6” 5” x 8” Attached Stuff Sack 400lbs / 181kg None $$
Kammock Roo 24oz / 680g 10’ x 5’7” 5” x 6” Attached Stuff Sack 500lbs / 227kg None $$$
Grand Trunk Nano 7oz / 198g 9’ x 4’ 3.5” x 5” Attached Stuff Sack 300lbs / 136kg None $$
Warbonnet Blackbird 31oz / 878g 10’6” x 5’3” 7.5” x 12” Detached Stuff Sack 250lbs / 113kg Attached mosquito net, shelf and footbox $$$$
Jacks ‘R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge 39oz / 1106g 11’ x 4’4” 5” x 10” Attached Stuff Sack 250lbs / 113kg Bridge style hammock with attached bug net $$$$
Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro 35oz / 992g 10’6” x 5’ 6.5” x 11” Attached Stuff Sack 400lbs / 181kg Attached bug net $$
Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge 60oz / 1700g 9’.5” x 4’2” 8” x 16” Attached Stuff Sack 300lbs / 136kg Bridge style hammock with attached bug net, tarp and storage pockets $$$$$$$$$
Hummingbird Hammocks Single+ 7.6oz / 210g 9’8” x 5’3” 6” x 4” Attached Stuff Sack 350lbs / 158kg None $$
Hummingbird Hammocks Double 10.2oz / 289g 9’8” x 7’1” 8” x 5” Attached Stuff Sack 400lbs / 181kg None $$