Cheap ENO Hammocks Which Model is Best and Where To Get It

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Eagles Nest Outfitters makes some of the best camping hammocks on the marketplace, and their products are praised by campers and backpackers, magazines, and online publications, and even those who simply set up a hammock in the back yard. ENO delivers quality hammocks year after year. Today, ENO products are sold at over 2,000 retail locations in 13 countries.

To help you out we’ve looked through all of the different hammocks Eagles Nest Outfits ters offers and wherever their sold. Comparing prices along the way to findout where you can get ENO Hammocks for the cheapest price because we know you’re on a budget.

About Eagles Nest Outfitters

From the company’s origins in 1999, traveling the east coast in a van, selling hammocks at outdoor festivals and community events, the company put down roots in Asheville, North Carolina. From here, ENO provides ingeniously crafted parachute hammocks and continues to support the local and global outdoor communities.

ENO is a values-driven organization, and actively partners with a long list of environmental and nature organizations. They are an active supporter of:

ENO partner organizations

The ENO DoubleNest

The DoubleNest is ENO’s premiere product and remains their most popular. This camping hammock is big enough for two, and yet compresses down to a tiny size, lightweight and easy to take anywhere. If you are looking for cheap ENO hammocks, the DoubleNest is the best choice.

Now it’s not my choice for a camping hammock as it’s relatively small when compared to other hammocks but if you’re insistent on an ENO hammock like I said above the doublenest is the way to go.


The roomy dimensions on this hammock make it among the largest 2 person hammocks on the market, and yet it compresses down to a tiny size, easy to toss in your pack and you will barely notice the weight. The nylon taffeta material is breathable and quick drying, so you never have to worry about carrying around a mass of heavy, wet fabric. Nautical-grade line means that it won’t break down in wet conditions and also won’t get heavy when wet. The attached stuff sack never gets lost, and makes a convenient spot to store a phone, flashlight, or bottle of water when using the hammock.

The ENO DoubleNest sets up in seconds, and can be hung from any sturdy anchor, including trees, boat masts, poles, or even walls.

This hammock has a stellar response for people, but has also been given high marks by outdoor professionals. People love the light weight, compact size, ease of setup, and comfort of the ENO DoubleNest, and it is widely praised for its durability over time. However, people tend to agree that, while this hammock is ideal for two people to hang out and cuddle, it is not advisable for two people to sleep in.

Note that the ENO DoubleNest does not come with included straps or a suspension system; they will have to be purchased separately. Also, the breathable nylon material is ideal for staying cool in the summer, but the hammock will need a liner of some kind to keep you warm in winter.

On the topic of materials, the DoubleNest comes in a staggering variety of colors, but, due to ENO’s philosophy of reducing and reusing materials wherever possible, the exact colors of your hammock may differ from those shown in the product images.

Where to get it

The ENO DoubleNest is a great choice for a cheap ENO hammock, and is available from a number of different retailers, both in-store and online. For the sake of convenience and typically the lowest price, most people prefer to order it from Amazon.

The ENO DoubleNest is a fantastic choice for a camping hammock at an affordable price. Get yours today and have your best outdoor summer yet.