How much will it hold? Eno DoubleNest Hammock Weight Limit

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The short answer is that the weight limit for the ENO Doublenest is 400lbs or 181kg.

But what’s the fun in that answer.

Scroll down to see how many gallons of beer or baby elephants this hammock can hold.

Picture by The Adventure Collection.

Let’s take a look at how much the Eno Double Nest can support:





Household Items

Sports Equipment

Other things to consider

Before setting up your hammock you should consider a few other things.

One being the trees or posts your tieing your hammock off too.

Do they look sturdy enough for what you’re going to be putting in it? Are they the correct distance apart?

Another thing is how much does your hammock suspension support?

Check the suspension itself and the tree straps. If you’re using the Eno Slapstraps or Atlas Straps your weight limit is 400lbs, so nothing to worry about there.

If you’re not using tree straps you should be as it protects the tree from getting damaged.

Then of course you need yourself a hammock, and obviously if you’re here you’re looking for an ENO hammock. So I’ll do you one better we found where to find cheap eno hammocks.

Finally this isn’t really related to how much weight the DoubleNest can support but when setting up a hammock you should always look overhead to make sure there aren’t any branches about to break off of the tree you’re tying off too.

As that could make for a really bad camping trip if one fell.

And we definitely don’t want that.


Whether it be loading it up with beer or iPhones, you now know how much weight the Eno Doublenest can support.

Now you’re well on your way to relaxing in your Eno by yourself, with a partner, or maybe even with a few partners.