Eno Dripstrips Review How to Ensure You Get the Best Nights Sleep

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You’re sound asleep at night.

And you’ve been sleeping for a couple hours now.

But it’s 3am and it’s starting to rain.

You’ve already got a tarp setup that’s the right size to help protect you from the rain.

But the water starts running into your hammock.

It’s hitting your suspension and flowing to the lowest point, which is where your back is in the hammock.

You wake up colder than ever just to find this out.

This all could be solved by using drip lines, but you have the Atlas or Slapstrap Suspension system which uses wide webbing all the way down to the hammock.

This makes it a little harder to use traditional drip lines, but some people have still had success with them.

If you’re anything like me though I want the easiest and safest solution that will provide me with the best nights sleep.

And that is the ENO Drip Strips for Slapstraps and For Atlas Straps.

I’m here to not only bring you my review of the ENO Drip Strips but to tell you of the importance of using drip lines to stay dry.

But what’s the difference between the two?

It’s the width of the webbing.

Just get the one that’s the proper width for your suspension system.

So for the Slapstraps it’s the 3/4” version.

And for the Atlas straps the 1” version.

But Really How Important are Drip Lines?

I’ve thought the same thing.

Until I was 18 miles into a hike and the rain didn’t stop for 16 hours.

I had to try to sleep in my hammock setup without drip lines.

I had a pool of water in my hammock at all times.

Then eventually I fell asleep for a couple hours.

Just to be woken up when the wind picked up and made me even colder.

So let me tell you don’t ever underestimate the value of staying dry in your hammock.

And along with that drip lines, drip strips, and your tarp.


I know you don’t want to have a sleepless night because your hammock has turned into a pool of water.

So don’t ignore drip lines like I did for a long time.

If you have the Slapstraps or the Atlas Straps get the corresponding set of drips strips to ensure you stay dry