Head to Head Comparison | Eno Slapstraps Pro vs Atlas Straps XL

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You have to have something to hang your hammock.

And Eno has some of the simplest systems out there for hanging them.

Less moving parts, less things to get lost, and less things that could potentially get broken.

But what one to choose? There’s so many.

There’s the Slapstrap, Slapstrap Pro, Atlas Strap, and the Atlas Strap XL.

Basically the Pro and the XL are just longer versions of their counter parts.

Let’s dig in. It’s time to find the winner of Eno Slapstraps vs Atlas Straps.

Comparison Chart

Type of Straps Size Weight Capacity Weight # of Attachment Points Material Price
Slapstrap 7’4” x 1” 200lbs per strap (400lbs total) 12oz 5 per strap (10 Total) Nylon webbing Check Price on Amazon.com
Slapstrap Pro 9’4” x 1” 200lbs per strap (400lbs total) 12oz 6 per strap (12 Total) Nylon webbing Check Price on Amazon.com
Atlas Strap 9’ x 1” 200lbs per strap (400lbs total) 11oz 15 per strap (30 Total) Poly-filament webbing Check Price on Amazon.com
Atlas Strap XL 13’6” x 1” 200lbs per strap (400lbs total) 16oz 20 per strap (40 total) Poly-filament webbing Check Price on Amazon.com

Why you Need to Use Straps

To protect those precious trees you’re using to hang your hammock.

If someone were to use a thin cord to wrap around the tree to hang their hammock that would severly damage the tree.

Don’t do that.

Hammocks are getting banned from parks because of people doing that.

Or even worse screwing eye bolts into trees to hang from.

Please protect the trees and practice leave no trace principles. Use a wider strap to wrap around the tree. Usually about an inch wide is good enough.

Basic Design of These Straps

Eno’s take on tree straps is refreshing and a little different than most other companies.

The strap wraps around the tree, then one end is fed through the loop on the other.

There’s a bunch of loops all along the strap (see # of attachement points in chart above and you pick one of the loops to attach your hammock to using a carabiner.

Both of these strap designs are similar, but the atlas has more loops and a few other subtle differences.

Eno Slapstraps and Slapstrap Pro System

As illustrated in the chart above the slapstrap pro is just a longer version of the slapstraps.

Along with the extra length comes more points to attach your hammock.

But on both models the loops are spaced fairly far apart. This makes it difficult to adjust the position of your hammock.

In the image below you can see how far apart the loops are placed.

Image courtesy of Bushcraft Prepping.

The Slap Straps are made of nylon webbing, which while being strong does stretch. So if you go with the slap straps be sure to hang your hammock high in anticipation that the straps will stretch throughout the night. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to supporting your hammock setup with these. As the weight limit is 200lbs per strap which is 400lbs total. If you’re on a budget these are the straps to go with as they’re quite a bit cheaper than the Atlas straps at the time of writing this.

Eno Atlas Straps and Atlas Straps XL Suspension

And just like before the Atlas Strap XL is just a longer version of the Atlas Strap.

But the XL version is a tad heavier, so that’s something to consider if you’re a hiker.

There are two main differences between the atlas and slap straps.

One being that the atlas straps have more loops to attach your hammock to.

This is nice because you can adjust your hammock to be at the perfect position.

In the image below you can clearly see how close the loops are placed together.

Image courtesy of Boundry Waters Catalog.

Then the other difference is that it is made of poly-filament webbing, which is strong like the nylon but it doesn’t stretch. Both versions of the atlas straps have a weight limit of 200lbs each or 400lbs total. The one downside to the Atlas Straps that I see is the price. At the time of writing this they are $20 more expensive than the slap straps.

Conclusion and My Choice

Protecting the trees and leaving no trace should be you’re number one priority.

Both of these straps help enable you to do that by protecting the tree trunks you tie your hammock off to.

But which one’s better?

To me the answer is clear.

It’s the Atlas Straps XL.

They’re longer, have more attachment points, and don’t sag like both versions of the Slapstraps.

But they’re more expensive.

So if you’re on a budget and/or are okay with the straps sagging throughout the night then the Slapstrap Pro suspension system is for you.