Firelite Outdoors Hammock Review (Single, Double and an Alternative)

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You’ve come looking for a Firelite Outdoors Hammock Review, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

We’ll take a look at both the Firelite Single, and Double in this article.

And since these are so difficult to find we’ll get into which hammocks are nearly the same (maybe even better).

Now don’t let your jimmies get rustled, we’re getting to it.

Comparison Chart

Hammock Size Weight Packed Size Storage Max Weight Price
Grand Trunk Double 10’6” x 6’6” 22oz 5.5” x 9.5” Attached stuff sack 400lbs Check Price on
Firelite Double Sport 230T 9’7” x 6’9” 20oz Unknown Attached stuff sack 400lbs Check Price on
Firelite Single Sport 230T 9’7” x 5’ 18oz Unknown Attached stuff sack 400lbs Check Price on

First Key Feature: The Overall Size of the Hammock

Let’s dig in and see how the two Firelite Outdoors hammocks weigh in against the Grand Trunk.

First we’re talking about the unfolded size.

Yes, that’s right the size of your hammock matters.

In fact the bigger the better.

No, I’m not joking around here.

The longer the hammock the more flat you’re able to lay in it, and because of that be more comfortable.

Width helps but not nearly as much as length does.

The main reason people choose to camp in hammocks is due to their massive advantage in comfort when compared to tents.

So if you’re taking comfort seriously the size of your hammock should be the number one deciding factor.

The Firelite Double is 9’7” x 6’9”, Firelite Single 9’7” x 5’, and Grand Trunk Double 10’6” x 6’6”.

Second Key Feature: The Attached Stuff Sack

So you’re laying in your hammock, relaxing after a long day out in the woods seeing the sights.

You plop down into you hammock.

Swaying back and forth.


Then it hits you, you’re parched. You need something to drink.

Well look at that, there’s this little pocket on your hammock next to your waist with a water bottle in it.

This is just one of the many joys of having an attached stuff sack.

And you’re in luck. All of these hammocks have one, including the Firelite Outdoors Single.

Grand Trunk Double Features and Specifications

The Grand Trunk Double is the perfect alternative to the Firelite hammocks, and to make it even better the Grand Trunk is available on

Anyways, let’s dig into the details of this hammock.

Firelite Double Sport 230T Features and Specifications

Now we’re onto the Firelite Double. This is the bigger of the two hammocks from Nor’East Outdoorz.

Firelite Single Sport 230T Features and Specifications

There are very few differences between the Firelite Outdoors Single hammock and the Double.

Everything outlined above with the double also applies to the single except for the size and the weight of the hammock.


While the Firelite Outdoors hammocks are quality hammocks, I cannot recommend either of them for hammock camping.

They’re both on the small side which will make things less comfortable than they could be with a larger hammock.

And they’re not available on Amazon which is also in my opinion a con.

Instead of the Firelite hammocks I recommend this one, it’s larger so you’ll be more comfortable in it.

But besides the size being different it is very similar.