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We all need to have some fun.

Some of us choose to do that by camping in tents on the hard ground. Which is definitely the wrong way to have fun.

But then there’s some of us who like to hang from the trees in our hammocks. Which is definitely the right idea of fun.

Now if you’re looking for some of our more lighthearted articles take a look below at the stuff we wrote for fun.

If you haven’t noticed this whole article on this page is also a little satirical in nature.

Just thought I’d let you in on that if you are a little slow to catch on like myself sometimes.

How to Not Have Fun Camping

As mentioned earlier there are those that try camping in tents on the ground.

Or even worse, they sleep under a tarp inside a bivy. Gasps

But no need to worry we’re going to detail all the ways not to camp to ensure maximum fun on your next trip.

There’s the inevitable obstacles that Mother Nature presents, and when sleeping on the ground these obstacles are even worse.

Yes I’m saying it.

It’s easier to stay dry in a hammock during a rainstorm than it is sleeping on the ground.

If you’re on the ground you have to worry about finding high ground, if the water is soaking through the bottom and the top.

Mind you if you seam sealed that tent/tarp to begin with you probably would have a lot less to worry about.

Also for your information if you have any tarp that isn’t Cuban fiber or already waterproofed at the time of purchase I would definitely waterproof it yourself. Yes this goes for you hammockers too.

But back on track, you still have to worry about finding high ground to set up on.

And not only does it have to be high, it has to be flat, clear of any roots, and rocks too.

Because sleeping with a tree root sticking into your kidneys is definitely not comfortable.

How to Have Maximum Fun While Camping

  1. Sleep in a hammock. We all know sleeping in a hammock is way more comfortable than sleeping on the hard, rocky ground. Just suck it up and get yourself a hammock already.
  2. Bring a tarp and bug net. Mother Nature is unpredictable and those bugs are nasty. It will rain when you least expect it, just read about my drip lines story and how they could have saved my nights sleep.
  3. Make sure everything is waterproofed. Waterproof your tarp if it needs it. Don’t know if it needs it? Tie it up by all the tie out points and pour several glasses of water into it so the water forms a pool at the bottom. Then hang it up for 2 hours. Are there puddles underneath? Yes, then waterproof the thing. Also make sure you have a poncho or something to cover all your gear so it stays dry.
  4. Bring a bear bag. Protect the food at all costs. If you’re a fat kid at heart like me you understand this already. For the rest of you it’s about time you get with the program.

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