Head to Head comparison | Kammok Roo vs Eno DoubleNest

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How does “the worlds greatest hammock” really measure up against the DoubleNest?

It’s a hard choice to make. I’m scratching my head just writing about this.

So what do we choose the Kammok Roo or the Eno DoubleNest?

It’s a Kammok vs Eno hammock showdown. A hang off if you will.

Let’s dig in.

Comparison Chart

Hammock Size Weight Packed Size Storage Max Weight Special Features Price
Kammok Roo 10’ x 5’7” 23oz 5” x 6” Attached stuff sack 500lbs Gear loops along edge & Compression suff sack Check Price on Amazon.com
Eno DoubleNest 9’4” x 6’2” 20oz 4” x 5” Attached stuff sack 400lbs None Check Price on Amazon.com

The Roo from Kammok

It’s described as the worlds best hammock and it doesn’t disappoint.

Don’t worry about the rough times you put this hammock through. It has a lifetime warranty which is fantastic.

The spelling threw me off at first, it’s kammok not kammock.

Anyways back to what you came here for.

Featuring their custom built Lunarwave fabric which is diamond weave ripstop nylon made specifically for camping hammocks. It’s breatheable, has less stretch than other materials and is water/fade resistant.

The Roo also has loops of fabric along the side of it to hang gear from (or and underquilt) for when you’re sleeping. This really comes in handy.

But wait that’s not all. The attached stuff sack is oversized to make packing the hammock inside it easier then it has built in compression straps to get it down to a smaller size for your pack.

A weight limit of 500lbs seems a little much, but as they say on their website it’s designed to be used by two people to relax or one person to sleep in. So the weight limit is justified.

There’s also the charitable side of Kammok as a company.

They have given a portion of their revenue to help fight malaria, improve education in Kenya and now are donating to other causes.

Now for some of you this might be a deal breaker, for me it’s not. But there aren’t that many colors available.

Kammok also has an interesting community they call the MOB (Moving Others Beyond). You can learn more about it here.

Finally the thing I look for most in hammocks is the overall size. I’m on the taller side (5’11”) so the smaller hammocks aren’t comfortable for me. But the Roo is definitely big enough for me to get comfortable in.

Eno’s Double Nest

This is definitely by far the most popular hammock on the market right now.

With a two year warranty it’s enough to make me feel comfortable taking this out on the trail.

If you run into someone that has a camping hammock, it’s probably and the Double Nest from Eno.

It has 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, which translated to normal person speak is hexagon woven nylon. Which is more than suitable for hammocks, as it’s strong and breathable.

With a weight limit of 400lbs it’s enough to comfortable hold two average sized people and their pet dog Fido of course.

There’s huge variety of colors you can definitely get the combination that you want.

The community that Eno has built is incredibly large as shown by their popularity overall and on social media.

Also some of the straps that Eno makes are high quality, I’m a fan of the Atlas Straps XL myself.

Conclusion and My Choice

The Eno is significantly cheaper than the Roo. So it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that it’s competitor has, but it get’s the job done and the popularity of it shows that.

Designers of the Kammok are very clever, and with me being a designer myself I can appreciate that. But the additions the made to it are functional.

There is also a difference in warranties between the two hammocks. The roo is lifetime, while the doublenest is a two year warranty.

So who’s the winner of the DoubleNest vs Roo showdown?

Both are great hammocks.

But my choice is definitely the Kammok Roo. For the fact that it’s 8 inches longer than the Eno which results in a flatter lay if you’re tall like myself.

If you’re on a budget, are okay with shorter hammocks, or are on the shorter side then the Eno Doublenest is still a fully capable hammock.

Another option is the Wallaby from Kammok if you want to stick to the more philanthropic company. Check out the Wallaby here.

And on top of that you have the community behind it, as most people that are into hammocking, have or have had an Eno.