A New Lightweight Camping Hammock | Kammok Wallaby Review

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Looking for a lighterweight option of the Roo? Or perhaps you want something a little easier on the wallet.

The Kammok Wallaby has you covered.

But beware there are some things you should keep in mind with this hammock.

Stay tuned to findout.

I’ll dive deeper into those things later in my review.

Quick Glance

Hammock Size Weight Packed Size Storage Max Weight Special Features Price
Kammok Wallaby 8’4” x 4’2” 10oz 5.5” x 3.5” Attached stuff sack 400lbs 6 Gear Loops along sides Check Price on Amazon.com

A Closer Look at the Wallaby

This is a smaller, lighter version of their flagship hammock.

Perfect for lounging on a day hike or if you’re on the shorter side sleeping in.

The older brother of this hammock (The Kammok Roo) has more bells and whistles than this one.

But that’s the sacrifice you make if you want a lightweight hammock.

Just don’t get too crazy with lightening your backpack.

Yeah I’m looking at you guys that cut off part of your toothbrush to save a couple ounces.

Back to the topic at hand. Below is a video detailing the Kammok Wallaby.


Weighing in at 10 ounces this hammock is more than half the weight of the Kammok Roo (for more on the Roo check out this head to head comparison).

The Wallaby is 8’4” by 4’2” so it’s on the smaller side.

It can support 400lbs so bring the schnukums and the dog. Ya’ll can have a pow wow in this hammock without worrying.

As with their other hammock they put 6 gear loops along the sides of the hammock, 3 on each side.

You can use them to support your gear, or an underquilt to keep yourself warm.

It’s made out of Gravitas Fabric which is 40D Diamond woven ripstop nylon. So it’s strong and ultra packable.

And wait that’s not all folks.

There’s a lifetime warranty on this hammock, which really sweatens the pot.


As a company they’re very philanthropic. They donate 1% of their revenue to various non-profits.

Every couple years they pick a different one.

But in the past it has been to help malaria, and help education programs in Kenya.

So rest assured that buying a Kammok is doing more good than just giving you a comfortable place to sleep.


Now to the juicy stuff.

In the beginning of this review of the Wallaby I mentioned that there are some things you should keep in mind with this hammock.

It’s small.

So sleeping in it if you’re on the taller side is going to be difficult.

Or at least extremely uncomfortable.

But if you’re under 5’6” you shouldn’t have any problems sleeping in it.

So for myself I will not be using the kammok wallaby for anything more than lounging.

As I’m 5’11” and I’ve tried sleeping in hammocks this side only to take it down and set up on the ground instead because I couldn’t get comfortable.

Like I said above though if you’re shorter or you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for lightweight you shouldn’t have any problems with the Wallaby.