What's the Best Type of Cord for Your Hammock Ridgeline?

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You know the benefits of using a ridgeline.

And you know how to sleep in a hammock the right way.

But now you want to make one of these new fangled ridgelines.

What cord to use? What’s a camper to do?

There’s Zing-It, Lash-It, Dynaglide, and more.

Our favorite is DynaGlide by a slight margin over Zing-It.

Comparison Chart

Type Available Lengths Strength Color Material Price
Zing-It 2.20mm 180’ 580lbs Yellow Dyneema Check Price on Amazon.com
Lash-It 1.75mm 180’ 500lbs Grey Dyneema Check Price on Amazon.com
DynaGlide 1.80mm 200’ 1000lbs Green or Orange Dyneema Check Price on Amazon.com

Zing-It and Lash-It

These two are the same thing besides the color and diameter.

The diameters in the chart above were the only ones available on Amazon.

But if you want 2.2mm Lash-It (or 1.75mm Zing-It) you can find it. It just isn’t on Amazon at the time I wrote this.

These were made as a general cord to be used for anything people could think of that needs strong lightweight cord.

Now it’s not as strong as DynaGlide but it’s more than sufficient for a hammock ridgeline since it’s not supporting your full weight.

Out of these two I prefer Zing-It because it’s a bright yellow which is more visible.

And anything you can do to make yourself more visible at night in the dark is good in my book.


This is primarily used by Arborists.

Also know as a person that studys plants. It’s okay I didn’t know what it was either.

But with it’s high strength and light weight it can be used for many other things.

One of them being as a hammock ridgeline.

Which it performs extremely well at.

It’s very high strength, vinyl coated for abrasion resistance, and comes in high visibility colors.

Some people even used this to make their whole suspension system for their hammock.

Now I do not recommend that, especially if you’re on the bigger side like I am.

There are two colors available orange and green.


Our favorite is DynaGlide because of the higher strength, and personally I feel safer using it because I’m a bigger guy than most hammock campers.

Now the only downside to DynaGlide I see is that it’s a litte more expensive than Zing-IT/Lash-It.

So if price is a concern of yours I would go with Zing-It.

One of the plus sides to getting either one of these is that you will have a lot left over.

And with that left over cord you can make your tarp tie outs and tarp suspension system, just make sure you have the right size tarp first.

Again as mentioned before I would not use this cord as a hammock suspension system as humans are typically a lot heavier than a tarp.