Head to Head Comparison | Tentsile Stingray vs Connect

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When investing in something as costly and important to the success of your camping trip as a tree tent, it is of utmost importance that you ensure your model of choice is one that is going to get the job done right from start to finish during the entirety of your trip. After all, what fun is camping if you end up unable to find a cozy sleeping position, or end up too close to comfort with your fellow campers while in your tent? Or worse, imagine the terror that would strike through you if you ended up at your campsite, possible miles from your car and without cell phone service, only to find that you don’t have an inkling at all how to set up your tree tent.

To help avoid these potential horrifying scenarios, we have complied everything you need to know about two of the best tree tents that the market has to offer—Tensile Stingray and the Connect—to make your decision that much easier.


Hammock Tent Full Dimensions Weight Packed Size Capacity Max Weight Seasons Bug Resitant Rain Protection Price
Sting Ray 13.5’ x 13.5’ x 13.5’ 20lbs 23” x 10” x 10” 3 Adults 880lbs 4 Yes Yes Click here
Connect 13.5’ x 13.5’ x 9’ 16lbs 23” x 9”x 9” 2 Adults 880lbs 4 yes yes Click here

Why a Tensile Tree Tent?

A tree tent is a truly unique piece of camping gear. It’s a type of tent that the users set up by anchoring it between three trees, several feet above ground. The result is a tent in midair, capable of comfortably housing up to three people and tons of good times.

Aside from the novelty of these nifty little pieces of camping gear, tree tents are actually quite useful. Helping you to stay elevated against the creepy crawlers on the ground like spiders and snakes, even the jumpiest of campers can sink into a relaxing night’s sleep. Escape the inhospitable ground conditions with an immensely comfortable tree hammock.

The Options

If you’re in the market for a unique tent that doubles as a hammock, then there truly is no better company than Tentsile. It’s really just a question of which model you’re looking for—which can be immensely challenging to narrow down to just one, with all of the options that the company has to offer.

To help make the decision-making process easier on you, here we’ve taken in in-depth look at two of their more popular choices: The Stingray and the Connect.


Tentsile’s signature three-person tree tent, the Stingray is a comfortable outdoor shelter that consists of three spacious and separation hammock berths, giving each inhabitant of the tent their own sleeping space. The tent also includes a rip-resistant mesh top overhead to protect from no-see-ums and other insects that could leave you with unwanted painful and itchy bites in the morning.

The interior of the tent can be accessed through a center floor hatch or the large front door. The entire setup can be suspended between three trees, or can work with other strong anchor points including boulders or trucks.

The Stingray is a great option for those with parties of three going camping—or even more if you want to set up a Tentsile Stack by adding a Trillium into the mix. Your Trillium works in perfect harmony with your Stingray, able to be set up directly below it to create a bunk-hammock setup that can comfortably sleep up to six. In addition, if camping in colder weather, a Trillium can be used to increase the insulation of your Stingray.




If you’re looking for a two-person tent, then the Connect model from Tentsile just may be your ideal option. Including a removable rain fly, you can enjoy a whole new level of freedom with your camping partner—not letting the elements stop you.

The perfect way to connect with your friend and the outdoors, this incredible piece of equipment is ideal for any adventurous camper. Like the Stingray, it can be set up using three sturdy anchor points. The double hammock bed features two large pockets on each side for storage, as well as a no-see-um mesh top and four fold-away doors.

Want to add another person to your group? You always can by simply attaching a hammock beneath the tent.



The Verdict and Writer’s Choice

Well, there you have it—everything you need to know for your Tentsile comparison of connect and Stingray. By reviewing the above considerations of each model, choosing the one that’s right for you should be a cinch.

However, if you’re looking for our opinion, then after careful deliberation we’ve decided that the Stingray is the ideal option over the connect. It’s still suitable to a two-person camping trip while allowing the option of more people to join along if they would like—as many as four more, even, if you also purchase a Trillium. Of course, if you know that your camping ventures will always consist of two people, or that additional parties will bring their own tent arrangements, then you certainly cannot go wrong with the Connect.