The Best Hammock to Replace Your Bed | An in Depth Comparison

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So you’re thinking about getting rid of that big ol bed of yours?

You’re making a good choice. Not only for your health but also for your wallet.

If you’re still thinking about switching to a hammock see our article on sleeping in a hammock full time.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we. What is the best hammock to replace a bed?

For those of you that are impatient it’s the Brazilian XL Double by Island Bay.


Hammock Size Style Weight Limit Price
Hammocks Rada Yucatan Hammock 14’ x 6’ Woven 550lbs Check price on
Hammock Sky Brazilian Double 12’ x 4’11” Sheet 475lbs Check price on
Sorbus Brazilian Double 11’8” x 5’ Sheet 450lbs Check price on
Island Bay Brazilian XL Double 14’11” x 6’2” Sheet 450lbs Check price on

Hammocks Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock

This is the odd one of the bunch but don’t let that fool you into not looking at this further.

The bed portion is made up of thousands of thin strings weaved together to give you the feeling of floating on a cloud.

One of the downsides to this woven style is that it’s not as warm as having a solid sheet under you. So if this is the route you’re going to go just make sure that you keep that in mind and have a solution.

Being made from 100% cotton and the size of this basically guarantee a good nights sleep.

There’s a few different colors available for those of you that want to try to make this match the room you’re putting this in.

The overall size is 14’ long by 6’ wide, while the bed portion is 7’ long by 6’ wide.

Now if you have a partner you can both comfortable use this if you’re laying width-wise, but length wise it fits only one.

And chances are you don’t have to worry about breaking this one, the weight limit on this is 550lbs.

With all that in mind the Yucatan Hammock is definitely a contender in this comparison for the best indoor (or outdoor patio) hammock.