War Bonnet Hammocks

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Is it War Bonnet or Warbonnet hammocks?

Sorry to break it to you but it’s spelt Warbonnet hammocks.

But there’s good news.

They make some of the best camping hammocks around.

Types of hammocks they carry

They’ve got both gathered end hammocks and bridge hammocks.

Now you know what one suits you best from the great faceoff here.

But anyways their gathered end hammocks are the Traveler, Blackbird, and the Blackbird XLC.

Then their one bridge hammock is the Ridgerunner.

What’s their best hammock?

The Blackbird XLC mentioned above is one of the best hammocks available right now.

Just to give you a taste the XLC has:

One thing to keep in mind though is that this hammock is on the pricier side.

It also comes with different fabric thicknesses and number of layers.

Translated to normal person speak you can get a really light one with a lower weight limit, you can get a heavier one with a higher weight limit, or you can get a double layer one to keep your sleeping pad in place.

Speaking of sleeping pads, make sure you know if your a sleeping pad or and underquilt person before purchasing one.

Here’s the great Shug to give you the rundown.

What about all the other camping hammock gear I need?

Don’t worry about it.

Warbonnet Outdoors has you covered.

Along with their great hammocks they carry topquilts, underquilts, tarps and other accessories.

So they could be a one stop shop if you really wanted them to be.

But I encourage you to look at your other options and consider them too before you run off spending all your money in one place.

Because momma said not to do that.

Okay where’s their website?

Well if you did’t catch it before their website is warbonnetoutdoors.com.

And if your’re picking up a Blackbird XLC feel free to get a second one and send it my way. :)


Warbonnet Outdoors makes some of the best hammocks around. The entire hammock camping community drools over them.

Even I am drooling over the XLC just researching it for this article.

The owner Brandon Waddy has really made a great product and has lended a hand in helping popularize hammocks.

One las thing make sure you spell it right, it’s Warbonnet not War bonnet Hammocks.