The Best Zip Up Camping Hammock - Stay Safe From Bugs

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You remember how easy velcro shoes were to put on?

Or you’re too cool for them.

How about flip flops?

There’s nothing easier than sliding your feet into them and heading out the door.

Well that’s kind of like how zip up camping hammocks are.

While it’s always necessary to create some kind of shelter when camping, tents, tent poles, sleeping bags, and other equipment can get bulky and difficult to pack and carry. And finding a good site for a tent can be a challenge, particularly in crowded trees, rough terrain, or rocky ground. Finally, tents can be damaging to the very environment you’ve come to appreciate, crushing tender seedlings, and compacting the soil.

A zip-up hammock provides all the shelter you need, with protection from rain and weather, excluding mosquitoes and troublesome insects, and keeping you dry and comfortable. And these systems are compact and lightweight, easy to carry and to set up. And many of these hammocks are designed to protect trees and leave no impact on the environment.

In this style hammock you don’t have to contend with mosquitoes, rocky ground, rain that leaves you with unexpected puddles, or find a level campsite. Simply string your hammock between two trees, and suspend the roof over the top, for a snug and secure campsite in minutes, where you can sleep comfortably and ease sore muscles.

There are dozens zip up hammocks on the market, and many people love the idea of sleeping in a cocoon. Yet, without some thoughtful attention paid to design and engineering, these hammocks can be uncomfortable, accumulate moisture from your breath, or are simply flimsy and not durable. Unfortunately, most people only discover the problems with their hammock in the middle of the night at their campsite, when it unexpectedly rips, leaks, or falls.

Poorly made hammocks frequently have complaints about the zipper itself breaking or not working properly after a short time. It is frustrating to think that you will be dry, comfortable, and protected from mosquitoes, only to find that isn’t true. It’s worth it to avoid these frustrations by getting a quality hammock from a reputable company, like Hennessy.

Hennessy hammocks are legendary, and the Hennessy Expedition hammock is an innovative solution for your camping needs.

About Hennessy Hammocks

Tom Hennessy is an inventor and industrial designer living on an Island off the west coast of Canada. Tom started sleeping in hammocks 62 years ago, when he was 12 years old. He started designing his own hammocks in 1970. He traveled and tested over 50 prototypes before he shipped his first hammock design to REI and MEC in 1999.

Tom, his wife Ann, his son James, and friends are a small family-run company whose only mission is to improve the evolution of hammock design. They have been granted up to five patents nationally and internationally. Hennessy hammocks have been tested in Canada, the U.S., Central and South America, Borneo, Australia, Africa, the Congo and even the Arctic and other extreme environments around the world.

Hennessy hammocks have recently been awarded:

Hennessy Hammocks is also a corporate sponsor of Leave No Trace, and Hennessy products are an excellent example of environment-friendly camping, requiring no ground leveling, trenching, or staking. When you take down your Hennessy hammock, your campsite should look exactly like you found it.

About the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

This is Hennessy’s most popular model of zip up hammock, with patented features including webbing straps that protect the bark of trees, and the unique Hennessy asymmetrical shape.

This shape provides support for your back and knees like a quality mattress would, ensuring the best comfort, and is a feature of Hennessy hammocks.

The Expedition Series is an all-purpose hammock, great for backpacking, camping, motorcycling, and any other travel that requires portability, comfort, and durability.

The generous length of the suspending ropes and webbing straps make it easy to find a suitable site for placing your hammock, without being confined by distance or hunting for hours looking for trees that are the correct distance apart.

The Expedition Series features

The side zip model zips closed the full length, with a heavy-duty #10 YKK zipper on one side, between the mosquito mesh and the bottom fabric.

The size zip makes it easier to set up your bedding and get into and out of the hammock. Side zip entry is also more versatile for seating if you want to use your hammock to lounge with friends.

The Hennessy Expedition series zip hammock is an excellent choice from an excellent company.

This portable and lightweight shelter replaces the need for a tent, with easier setup, greater comfort, and less environmental impact.

Tested in extreme conditions, and manufactured with exceptional attention to detail, this hammock is everything you need to travel light and sleep comfortably, no matter where you are.

When you consider that it replaces a tent and a bedroll, and provides portable, environment-friendly comfort, the price is extremely reasonable.

Check out the Hennessy Expedition Series hammock today and enjoy simple, natural, comfortable camping for years to come.