So You Want to Try Sleeping in a Hammock Full Time? Read This First

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You’ve gotten bit by the hammock bug.

And you’ve been thinking to yourself.

This bed thing really isn’t all it’s cutout to be. Maybe I should switch to sleeping in a hammock full time.

Get this.

You’re not alone. I’ve been bit by the same bug, and so have many other people.

Hammocks Vs Beds At A Glance

Sleeping on Cost Size Comfort Warmth Portability Cleanliness
Hammock Low Small High Low High High
Matress High Large High High Low Low

Who Already Sleeps In Hammocks Fulltime?

In this day and age there’s a slew of people on reddit that do.

But in ancient times many people slept in hammock.

Hammocks were first mentioned around 450 B.C. as invented by the Greek Alcibiades.

And then throughout history hammocks were mentioned whenever tropical climates were involved.

It was also common for people in the military to rest in hammocks while aboard ships and throughout the Vietnam war. And I’m sure there was plenty of sleeping in them that took place.

Are They Actually Healthy?

Not many studies have been done on this.

But there is one I was able to find here specifically on the differences of hammock rocking and a stationary bed.

And in that study they find these benefits:

All of these benefits from the study point towards higher sleep quality.

And higher sleep quality has a slew of benefits which I’m sure you already know.

But to reiterate it means you’ll be happier, healthier, stronger and smarter.

Then there’s loads of anecdotal evidence out there saying it cures insomnia, cures back pain, and is just plain better than bed.

So all we’re really left with is the one study and evidence from fellow hammock lovers.

But What About Cleaning?

They’re much easier to clean than a traditional bed.

With a hammock you have the hammock itself, a pillow or two, and a blanket.

But with a bed you have the matress, the skirt, matress cover, sheets, blankets, covers and pillows.

Cleaning a matress it quite the chore and they tend to collect dead skin cells and dust mites.

But with a hammock everything can easily be thrown into the washing machine and dried.

The Cheapest Way To Great Sleep

When it comes to price hammocks simply can’t be beaten.

Most worthwile matresses cost more than $500.

But you’d be hard pressed to find a traditional hammock that costs that much.

Now there are some exotic hammocks that are expensive but they wouldn’t be suitable for sleeping in full time.

To see what I recommend for sleeping in a hammock full time and finally replacing your bed check this out.

Are There Bad Parts To Sleeping In A Hammock Long Term?


Unfourtunately sleeping in a traditional hammock with a partner is just plain difficult.

And then sex is also extremely difficult in any type of hammock.

Apparently it’s possible but it still doesn’t seem to be as easy as it would be in a bed.

There are two person camping hammocks out there but they’re expensive and are meant to be taken out on in the woods temporarily not slept in full time.


Take the leap at least for a little while.

Try sleeping in a hammock instead of your bed.

There’s loads of people talking about the benefits of sleeping in a hammock long term.

And theres a study out there showing that the swaying motion from sleeping in a hammock is extrememly beneficial.

Then the price difference between a traditional bet and sleeping in a hammock fulltime is extremely huge.

This makes the barrier to entry for hammocks sleeping very low and definitely worth a shot.

All you really need is some pocket change to get the hammock and the knowledge required to sleep in a hammock properly.